The Faithkeepers School is a non-profit, grassroots effort that provides an education following traditional language, customs and ceremonies of the Iroquoian Longhouse and the culture of the Allegany Seneca People.

The Faithkeepers School came into existence IN 2010 THROUGH THE EFFORTS OF JODY KRISS AND HIS COMPANY EAST RIVER PARTNERS. Sandy taught Seneca language, and culture for 12 years in the Salamanca Central School. She now devotes all her time to the Faith keeper's School.

Dar states; "Our mission is to preserve and maintain the traditional Seneca language, culture and customs. Our Seneca language gives meaning to our ancient Seneca customs, ceremonies, history and laws. It is the elders who possess the knowledge and wisdom of our Seneca heritage. It has always been that way.

Those who can think and speak in Seneca number fewer than 5% of the Seneca population and now there is an increasing sense of urgency whenever a fluent Seneca speaking elder passes on.

Our identity depends on how we fulfill our responsibilities to our children. The knowledgeable ones teaching young minds is the key that ensures our Seneca language, customs and traditions will remain alive and constant".